• Dovercourt Residence


  • House with the Red Wall


  • Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy

  • Walker Residence


  • Umbra World Headquarters

  • Riding Mountain Residence


  • Student Center, U of T Mississauga

  • Spandrobe

  • Target Table

  • Umbra Retail Concept + Flagship

  • Dufflet Pastries West

  • Scarboro Residence


  • Shore + Moffat Library

  • House on Stanley Terrace


  • Secret Table

  • Benjamin Moore

  • 519 Church Street Community Centre

  • Guelph competition

  • Teknion Advanced Concepts

  • Dufflet Beach

  • Dancemakers Studio

  • Eric Arthur Gallery

  • Laneway House


  • The Internal Landscapes of Tokyo

  • Rome Prix

  • Courtyard House

  • 45 Balliol


  • Eye-Spy-in-the-Sky

  • Souks of Beirut

  • Blueberry Island


  • U2 Concept Building

  • Richmond Residence


  • Lake Simcoe House


  • Toronto Raptors Offices

  • Dundas Square Competition

  • Aluma Systems

  • Claude Watson School of the Arts

  • Augusta


  • Rainstick

  • Hillhurst House


  • Roller Coaster Offices

  • Muskoka Cottage for Two Families, Prefab


  • Dufflet Quince

  • Marcia Rafeldman Fine Arts


  • Fairway Heights Residence


  • Insync

  • Greenrock Offices

  • Q House Prefab


  • Piu Bella Casa del Mundo


  • EJ Pratt Library

  • Tiff competition

  • Jackman Humanities Institute

  • Dundas Residence


  • Cervelo

  • LIVE!

  • Montreal Fountains Competition


  • Humbert (Brookfield)


  • Glen Road


  • Dufflet Factory

  • ACC Plaza

  • Webatuck House



KSA Recognition

Kohn Shnier Architects

Nominated for the Chrysler International Award for Design Excellence

Kohn Shnier Architects

Nominated for The New York Architectural League Emerging Architects Award

The Student Centre University of Toronto, Mississauga

Ontario Association of Architects Award

National Post/Design Exchange Award

Mississauga 2000 Urban Design Icon Award

Praxis, Vol. o, Architecture and the University, 1999


Selected for “Top 25 ideas of the Year”

Fortune Magazine, 2004

Factory Fresh, New York Times, April 2004

Casamica, Italy, May 2004

Dwell, April 2004

EJ Pratt Library

Ontario Library Association Award of Excellence Azure, March 2002

House on Stanley Terrace

Ontario Association of Architects Award

Target Table

Progressive Architecture Award

Hillhurst House

Ontario Association of Architects Award

Prefab Cottage for two Families

OAA Awards, Micael V. and Wand Plachta Award

Design Exchange Award

Wood Design Award

Governor General Medal

John Shnier wins First Canadian Prix de Rom in Architecture, 1987

Canada Council

The Prix de Rome in Architecture, A Retrospective Marco Polo, Coach House Press,

2006 John Shnier Honoured by Governor General as part of Canada Council 50th Anniversary, 2007 John Shnier, Juror, 2003

Umbra World Headquarters

National Post/Design Exchange Award

ONtario Association of Architects Award

OAA Awards, Michael V. and Wanda Plachta Award

ID Magazine Award of Excellence

City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award

Special Award, Quito Biennale, Ecuador

Umbra Concept + Flagship Store

London International Creative Competition

New York Times, June 2007

Fashion Television, July 2007

Azure, September 2007

IESNA Toronto Award for Outstanding Achievement

Ontario Association of Architects Award

Design Exchange Award

Dufflet Pastries Factory

Ontario Association of Architects Award

Claude Watson School for the Arts

City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award Azure September 2007

Laneway House

City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award Design Exchange Award

Eric Arthur Gallery

City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award

Lake House

Inside Outside, London UK, February, 2007

Style at Home, July 2007

Kensington Lofts

City of Toronto Architecture and Urban Design Award

McGill University

John Shnier awarded Gerald Sheff Visiting Chair in Architecture, 2007

University of Calgary

John Shnier awarded Honorary Adjunct Position

School of Architecture, 2006

Dean’s Special Referee for Thesis Adjudication

‘The Best Average’ and Other Audacious Statements

John Shnier, Invited Lecture, University of Toronto Bulthaup Lecture Series

A Copy of a Copy is an Original (and Other Non Sequiturs

John Shnier, Invited Lecture, Waterloo Architecture Arriscraft Lecture Series

Phaidon World Atlas of Contemporary Architecture

Work included in international design compendium

Architecture NOW! Volume 2

Work included in international design compendium

Belkin Gallery Vancouver

Invited participant – Subatnace Over Spectacle Exhibition Andrew Gruft, Curator

Light Resource Series

Invited Lecture, John Shnier, University of British Columbia

Confluences and Serendipity

John Shnier, University of Manitoba

XII Buenos Aires Biennial of Architecture, 2009

Invited Presenter

Architecture & Design Now University of Lethbridge, 2010

Invited Lecturer

XII Biennale de Arquitectura

Invited Exhibitor De Quito, Ecuador

Montreal Biennale of Art and Architecture, 2001

Invited Exhibitor

CAUSA Lecture University of Calgary, 2003

Feature Lecture

Architectural Institute of British Columbia, 2000

Keynote Address

ROMA XX, Rome, 1999

“Piranesi Adjective”, Lecture, John Shnier

Kohn Shnier Architects

Waterloo Then and Now Exhibition, Cambridge Galleries, Cambridge Ontario

Toronto Life Magazine

Sugar Shack, February 2002

Plastic Wrap, November 2000

Maximum-Minimum, May 1998

John Shnier, Partner

In 1987 John Shnier was awarded Canada Prix de Rome in Architecture. His tenure in Rome included founding and renovating the venue for all future Laureates.
He co-founded Kohn Shnier with Martin Kohn shortly after returning from Italy.
He was Partner-in-Charge of the 519 Church Street Community Centre, The Shore and Moffat Library and Eric Arthur Gallery; both at the University of Toronto Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design, as well as the EJ Pratt Library at Victoria University.
John has designed and led the teams responsible for Umbra projects and his residential projects include House at Riding Mountain National Park, Lake House, and The House on Webatuck Creek in Connecticut.
John is an Associate Professor in the Graduate Programme at the Faculty of Architecture Landscape and Design at the University of Toronto.
He was the 2007 recipient of the Sheff Visiting Chair in Architecture in Montreal. In that same year, Shnier was honoured by the Governor General as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Canada Council for the Arts.
John rides his bike too, but not as seriously as Martin and Maggie.

416.504.7508 x 228

Marty Kohn, Partner

Martin is a founding principal of Kohn Shnier. He brings a rigorous and straightforward approach to bear on the office. Project under his direction include The Claude Watson School of the Arts and The Student Centre at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.
Martin designed the Q-house; a prefabricated prototype for Royal Homes. He put his knowledge on pre-fab to the test in the execution of the Muskoka House, a two family house which was 70% factory made and 30% site constructed.
Other residential projects in his portfolio include The Laneway Residence, The Hilhurst Residence and the Scarborough Residence. Martin also stewards all of our projects for Dufflet Pastries.
Martin is also an avid cyclist, extreme skier and rock climber.

416.504.7508 x 225

Maggie Bennedsen, Associate

Maggie is our Senior Associate and has been with Kohn Shnier for years. She has played a major role on several important projects including The Claude Watson School for the Arts, The Student Centre at The University of Toronto at Mississauga, Dufflet Pastries Factory and retail outlets and several residential projects.
When not in the office, Maggie is riding her bicycle around the world.
Visit her website:
backintheworld.com and prepare to be moved and amazed.

416.504.7508 x 234

Amin Ebrahim, Associate

With 16 years of experience working on public buildings, Amin joined the KSa team in 2013. He is currently completing the Contract Administration phase of the recently opened Fraser Mustard Early Learning Academy, an all Kindergarten school that also houses a childcare facility.

Prior to joining KSA, as an associate at Perkins + Will, Amin worked as Project Architect/Project Manager for significant municipal and educational projects such as the award winning Cornell Community Centre & Library. Amin’s experience in educational institutional work includes the recently opened Student Life Centre at King’s University College and public library work for the cities of Markham and Hamilton. He has been a leader on these projects from concept design through to building occupancy. As a LEED accredited professional, Amin has been integral to the design, documentation and contract administration process of several LEED certified buildings.

416.504.7508 x 232

Company Profile

Kohn Shnier architects was founded in 1990 as a small practice dedicated to non-specialization. The work is characterized by its eminent practicality imbued with invention and often whimsy. The press has described the work as being neither overly formal nor trendy through a balance of convention and invention.

The firm has been widely recognized including nominations for the prestigious International Chrysler Design Award and the New York Architectural League’s Emerging Practice Award. Their projects appear in global compendiums such as The Phaidon Atlas of World Architecture and Architecture Now! Volume 2, and have been honoured with an inclusion in the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art in New York.


Kohn Shnier Architects acknowledges the invaluable participation of our staff
and those who have contributed to the pleasure and skill of our studio.

  • Michael Awad
  • Maggie Bennedsen x234
  • Mark Berest
  • Tania Bortolotto
  • Robert Boyd
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